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EPSRC Quantum Technologies Pump-Priming Collaboration Workshop

EPSRC Quantum Technologies Pump-Priming Collaboration Workshop is taking place on September 10, 2015 at the Cavendish Laboratory.

All funded researchers will be presenting their latest results and the schedule is as follows:



1:30 pm  Welcome and introduction to the workshop – Mete Atature

A recap of the Quantum Cambridge Winter School 2015 – Aga Iwasiewicz-Wabnig

1:45 pm  Session 1 – short talks and discussion:  Chaired by Celestino Creatore

Modelling quantum coherent electron systems” David Arvidsson Shukur

InGaN quantum dots in GaN nanowires for polarisation controlled, wavelength multiplexed and electrically driven single-photon emitters” Lucy Goff

Magnetic insulators for quantum inter-conversion” Stefan Lagenfeld

Building collaborations: Exploring spin polarisation in graphene” David Love

Topological Insulators: Synthesis of novel materials for quantum-enhanced devices” Angadjit Singh

Building collaborations in quantum cryptography” Adrian Kent

2:45 pm  Coffee break

3:00 pmSession 2 – short talks and discussion: Chaired by David Love

Two Dimensional Crystals for Quantum Science and Technology” Carmen Palacios-Berraquero and Matteo Barbone

Long distance transport of qubits in silicon using surface acoustic waves” Tzu-Kan Hsiao

A high-speed millikelvin nanopositioner for quantum readout of superconducting devices” Malcolm Connolly

Exploring, controlling and exploiting quantum effects in biologically inspired DNA nanostructures Celestino Creatore

Single photon characteristics in hybrid quantum-classical photonic systems” Adrian Wonfor

4:00 pm  Closing remarks and further networking